“Being at the Heisman Trophy Award Dinner was an amazing experience. It helped me to remember that it takes a team effort to accomplish anything great, and that the effort you put into something directly effects what you get out of it.” – Ibraheem Ayinde, Class of 2019, Hyde Leadership High School

In what has become a remarkable annual holiday gift, academic athletic coaches and student athletes attended the 82 Annual Heisman Dinner Gala in New York City on Monday, December 12th, at the Times Square Marriott Marquis.

This is our 5th year partnering with the Heisman Trophy Trust, and with each passing year, the impact grows.  In 2016-17, the AthLife-Heisman footprint covers nine (9) high schools and 1,100+ kids largely from NYC. Each year, several of our schools have the opportunity to attend the gala.

Curtis High School (Staten Island, NY), Maxwell CTE High School (Brooklyn, NY), and Hyde Leadership High School (Bronx, NY) represented The AthLife Foundation at the event. This was Hyde Leadership and Maxwell CTE’s first year attending. Two students and two faculty from each school were able to participate in the nights festivities among college football legends.

“Our student athletes were thrilled to be at the Heisman Trophy Award Dinner, and it was an inspirational experience for all of us. It gave our students a whole new perspective on athletics and leadership, and demonstrated that being an athlete is about more than being great on the field, but contributing positively to humanity.” – Jordan Likness, Academic Athletic Coach

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