Applying for an Academic Athletic Coach Grant

Grant opportunities for First Year Schools and Renewals are now open. Deadlines for applications are as follows:

Renewal Schools (Returning) - May 31st, 2024

First Year Schools (New) - June 21st, 2024

Important Note on Eligibility: Schools and School Districts are eligible to apply. Non profit organizations, CBO's or any 3rd party organization are not eligible for First Year Grants or Renewals. The school or district must lead and manage the account.

To set up an account in the grants portal and following the instructions below:

FIRST STEP: Create a NEW ACCOUNT by visiting our Grant Application Portal by clicking the 'Apply for a Grant' above.

In preparation for a grant application, we would recommend you review ‚Äčthe following documents:

Guide to Creating the AAC Professional Staff Position
General Overview for Schools & Districts
Positive Youth Development through Sport Framework
3ACE Connected Community Overview

Additional note - School administrative support (building level and district level) is required to pursue this opportunity. Grant opportunities are for schools only. Schools may partner with Non-Profit and Community Based Organizations to assist in program development and execution, but the school will be the identified applicant and lead in managing awarded grant funding and program development.

The grant process is highly competitive. It is recommended that the school plan to send two staff members to the 3ACE National Conference at The University of Maryland, July 17-19, 2024 and plan to budget accordingly for this professional development. Registration rates fall between $275-$300 typically and hotel accommodations $144/night (before taxes). If you are unable to commit to the professional development and training for staff, it may impact your ability to apply for and renew grant funds in the future.

2024 3ACE National Conference Registration (Click)

Additionally it is recommendation to have pertinent coaches, educators, and athletic department personnel register for the 3ACE Connected Community (Click). There is no cost to participate in this valuable network. Thank you for your interest in this opportunity.