On February 13th, Heisman Academic Impact Schools led the AthLife Foundation Mid Year Training, which 25 participants from eight AthLife Foundation Schools attended, along with several partner organizations. The training, which occurred at LinkedIn Headquarters in the Empire State Building, helped strengthen network connections and establish innovative ideas for the future.

The training consisted of presentations from Move This World, UP2US, LinkedIn, and AthLife Foundation Staff. The first workshop was presented by Caitlin Daly from Move This World, and the discussion dealt with tapping into each individual’s creative potential in order to help individuals understand, engage, express, and manage their emotions. Ben Schornack from UP2US led the second presentation, which discussed the importance of incorporating service learning into academic programs.

The third session was led by Kyle Dunnington from LinkedIn. His presentation focused on the relevance of LinkedIn to the high school population and how to best help kids take advantage of LinkedIn’s resources as a high school student and into their college and early career years.

The last strategy session, led by Joseph Baratta of Curtis High School, provided an opportunity for an interactive dialogue in which academic athletic coaches were able to provide snapshots of their incredible programs. These talented educators shared not only best practices but communal challenges that they are determined to overcome as well.