Hey Student Athlete Leaders!

Are you a game breaker? Can you influence the outcome of a game with your drive, intelligence, skill, and grit? If that answer is yes, then we have a challenge for you.

You have opportunity to be awarded up to $500.  It’s time to motivate your teammates to create a high impact project in your community!

Here’s a checklist:

  • Think of challenges and needs in your community.
  • Ask your Academic Athletic Coach to help start planning.
  • Get started on an official proposal:
    • OVERVIEW: Name of High School and brief explanation of the needs/challenges and project/activity
    • COMMUNITY PARTNER: Describe/name the organization, school or agency you will be working with
    • LIFE/LEADERSHIP SKILLS: What are the transferrable life and leadership skills that you as volunteers will be gaining through the project?
    • This proposal needs to include a BUDGET ATTACHMENT. What are you going to buy? What are your estimated costs?
  • Submit proposal online (click below) to the AthLife Foundation at least TWO WEEKS PRIOR to the event!
  • During the event, assign someone the role of event photographer. After the event, submit photos to the AthLife Foundation, receipts, invoices, and at least THREE written student testimonials. Have your teammates write about the event and what they learned from it/how they felt about the entire project.
  • Have your Academic Athletic Coach help you with this process! Email grants@athlifefoundation.org with questions.


This opportunity is open to schools in CT, NY, NJ, and VA supported by: